Saudade à viola

Saudade à Viola, Tocar Palavras Nossas is a journey of affection portrait through a song of longing (saudade) and portugality par excellence, our Fado.

It highlights the music of the poetry of Portuguese cultural phenomenon whose great masters knew how to fuse so well.

The general concept unveils the words and the music through new original arrangements for classical guitar by the composer Nuno Peixoto de Pinho, inviting so that, in an instant world composed of vertiginous changes and surrounded by so many blurs, we can give time and attention to enjoy singular soundscapes and poetry of Fado. 

The project is composed of a triad of actions, namely premiere recording of the arrangements and making them available on digital music distribution platforms, the publishing of the scores of the arrangements and a live performance, available for touring, in the format of a commented and recited concert available for booking.

Saudade à Viola, Tocar Palavras Nossas, is a tribute to the Portuguese language and its communities, to Portuguese Poetry and Poets, to Fado and to its greatest diva, Amália Rodrigues. 

Artistic and Project Team

Guitar: Gil Ferreira

Musical Arrangements: Nuno Peixoto de Pinho

Producer: Pedro Rodrigues

Engineering and editing: Rui Sampaio (Pure Sound)

Video: Guilherme Henriques

Photography: Diana Santos

Press Office: Rita Cardoso

Design: Jorge Silva

Translations: Cátia Gonçalves